Monday, January 10, 2011

Friends in Dry Places

It's at times like this I'm glad I have friends. I wanted to blog about writing today, but the weather's had its say and I have more pressing (and far less pleasant) tasks to see to.

Instead, I thought I'd link back to a review of an excellent novel written by a good friend of mine, Corinne Van Houten.

Though Corinne lives on the west coast of America and I'm here in soggy Queensland (the "sunshine state"... pah!) in Australia, we met on that oft-decried website for writers, authonomy, and we've found many things we share in common - not least of which is a desire and willingness to improve our writing.

So, thanks to Corinne's great novel, I have a blog post today. Thank you, Corinne :)


  1. Worried to teeth about you in there, Jack. Does anyone know of this/ If so, please post. I hope it's just communication you've lost and not anything else. We here who went through Katrina (size of England devastation) know the routine--there is no routine. Ah, God's stiffest blessings and mercy on your loved ones and you.

  2. ur latest blog is dated jan. 10/11,so,i am sure u r well and sending my prayers for u and ur family...please be safe and please be fine..GOD BLESS...