Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Incredible Collapsing Man (meets Lee McGowan)

It's not often I fall in a heap with shock. It's even less frequently I'm left speechless (och, weesht - ye know Ah like tae gab). Today, both of the above happened. See, I've just checked the Tuesday night football scores, and I'm going to have to take back everything I've ever said about my beloved St Johnstone.

How timely for an example to appear right now: see, in years gone by I would have interjected there that the club's full name is actually St Johnstone-Nil.

I've suffered long and hard at their hands over the years. Every die-hard Saints fan has. But, lo! Lo and behold! St Johnstone 4 Rangers 1

I said St Johnstone 4 Rangers 1

Good God - the world's buggered. Someone restore some order again soon, I beg you.

Speaking about football, a great new writer by the name of Lee McGowan - a fine Scotralian, just like me, who's just as mad on the beautiful game - will be reading his work in the meeting room of the Brisbane Central Library on Saturday 10 April, starting at 3pm. For more details go here

I'm going to try to pop along, and I'm sure Lee and everyone else on stage will make everyone very welcome.


  1. Hi Jack. You're saying your football team won, right? And that's a good thing, yes? Then, congratulations!

    Enjoy Lee's reading. It's always great to support other writers, and it sounds like he might be a bit of a comic, too?

    (Them's the best kinds, I hear tell...)

  2. G'day Kazza - thanks for popping in :)

    Yeah, we won. Amazing as it sounds. And Lee's got a tight sense of humour...just like us ;-)

  3. Jack thanks so much for the punt. I sure appreciate it.

    And aye, I couldnae believe the result either. Great result for scottish football.