Saturday, December 4, 2010

Libraries, Funding Cuts and Diabolical Politicians

Many of you have read my previous posts regarding the disastrous cuts being made to Britain's police forces, prisons and education budgets.

I read Nicola Morgan's post on the proposed cuts to library services today, and it turns my stomach to think of Britain degenerating to such an extent.

If you value your local library, use it. Use it to write to the UK government, expressing your outrage that these so-called leaders are taking us back to the dark ages.


  1. We are experiencing similar drastic cuts here, in Southern USA. Slimming down postal services to favor internet, cutting university faculties by half. Reduction of libraries. Destruction of books in favor of "e-files". News that is not news while information and history is made more and more 'maleable.'Yes. And of course doubling duties on all university staff and educators and public servants.

    While there is no relief in this sort of comradery, I do believe it is important to know that what is now toted as the 'evil West' is cutting back its inner fortresses to expose a really flimsy structure from what was long so firm. Deliberately induced vulnerability. By an iron-clad hand. You are not alone in finding all this more than disturbing, Jack.

  2. Same poo, different country, eh?

    You know, the British navy's just decommissioned its fleet of Harrier jump jets. The 'cost' of maintaining them was too high. It'll be ten years before the RN has a replacement aircraft that can take off and land using our aircraft carriers.

    Does that sound like wisdom to you?

    'Attrocious', is the only word I can find that comes anywhere close to describing that particular decision. I just hope the Falkland Islanders aren't aware they've been abandoned...

    Thanks for stopping by, MM :)