Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Thing Australian...

All things Scottish, all things Australian, and all things literary… that’s what DUD is all about. That’s what Jack is (mostly) all about. And this is Jack’s blog, so that is as it should be.

However, once in awhile, Mr. Ramsay lets me pop Down Under to play on DUD. But I hesitate, sometimes. After all, I’m neither Australian nor Scottish. And, while I AM a writer, I’m not sure just how ‘literary’ I am. For sure, I know I’m not in Jack’s league when it comes to literarability.

However, I do have an Aussie connection. I have several good Australian friends, and I am going to have the pleasure of meeting one of them very soon. Larry arrives in Maine on Sunday night, and I will be picking him up at the airport. How exciting!


What if he doesn’t like me? What if I am far, far less impressive in person than I am online? After all, how much trouble can I get into when all I have are my words to make an impression? But once Larry meets me in person, he gets to see and experience the full deal. The real McCoy. Me, live and in color. Holy smokes.

This could be bad.

I once sneezed a pea out through my nose while dining in a restaurant.

I walked though the supermarket with a mashed and melted chocolate Rollo stuck to my butt.

I drove through town with a live chicken stuck in the grill of my car.

I drove through the same village with my groceries on the roof of my truck.

A customer introduced himself to me as Mr. Derbogosian, and I responded, “God Bless You!” (No peas were forthcoming, thank heavens…)

I bragged about getting a good deal on a piece of property by saying “I jewed them down to $25,000.00.” The man I was speaking to was named Steinberg. (Someone should shoot me and put me out of my misery.)

I got nervous when meeting a politician, so I licked my hand and slicked down his rooster-tail. (I feel a migraine coming on…)

I even broke wind in church (but made a remarkable save by scowling at the old man sitting one row behind me. It was a spectacular ploy, and the poor gent even apologized for it, afterwards. [I'm going to Hell, aren't I?])

And all that… well. That was just last week.

With luck, my Aussie friend Larry will be a big buffoon. He’ll lack grace, finesse and style, and he’ll be homlier than a stump fence, too. If that is the case—if he’s kinda like me—then we will have the time of our lives.

But if he’s cool, and suave, and polished… I think I’m doomed.

When he comes home-- when he flies the 10,000 miles back to Brisbane and Russell Island-- I hope you’ll not give his stories too much credence. If he’s as awesome as I think he is, my plan is to keep him drunk for the four weeks that he’s here.

And really… you can’t believe a single thing a drunk Aussie says, now, can you?


  1. Hey, Boy. This is MY vent... nerves getting the best of me, I suppose. You can keep, or you can delete. I just thought I'd come play with you for a minute. Big brothers (who are ever-so-slightly younger) can work wonders when a girl needs a distraction.

    Hope all is well Down Under.


  2. Vent away! :-)

    Welcome back to the DUD, Kazza. As you know, I've been busy with my own visitor from the UK, so I can understand your anxiety.

    I'm sure Larry will fit right in, though - he's not really 'from away', after all. Eh? Ayah.

    However, I hear they have inside dunnies on Russell Island these days (of all things - who'd'a thunk it?!) so be prepared for a smidgeon of sophistication from the big lad.

    I like your ploy about the alcopops - ain't met me an Aussie yet who don't like no alcopops poured down his gizzard. Eh?


  3. I suppose you are right... but Larry's been in Oz for 37 years, and he certainly sounds like an Aussie. Has the accent, calls me things like 'mate' and 'cobber' and 'sheila'... and when he gets cold, he wears a 'jumper'. He's like some kind of foreigner, for Pete's sake!

    Hehehe... I'm excited about his visit, but worried, still. Wondering what kind of idiocy I'll offer forth for his delectation...

    Sheesh. It ain't easy being me.

    Thanks for letting me hang out with you for a bit. Hope your world is right-side up again.