Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thunder from the bleachers...

Hey, Jack! Thanks for the show of support. :o)

We Americans don't have 'bike sheds' but I think I know what you mean. We'd probably say 'meet me behind the bleachers'. Little of anything with scholastic value happens behind the bleachers. But you CAN get 'an education'.

Which reminds me, you being a Scotralian, and an opinionated one, at that (after all, you're the 'dunder' while I'm more of a 'drizzler'...)

I read an article last December which reported that bullying in Australian primary schools is in the worst category in the world! Only Kuwait, Qatar, Taiwan and New Zealand schools fared worse than Australia in this particular survey, 'Trends in International Mathmatics and Science Study'.

According to this article, Aussie school students suffer bullying at a rate almost 50% above the international average, with more than 1/4 of 'year 4' students reporting having been bullied in at least three different ways in the month before this research was conducted.

Makes me wonder what's UP, Down Under?

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